Our mission is to improve health care experiences through innovation.

Respiire Health Systems Inc. is a spin-off from BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. The company has grown out of a decade of research into using conventional medical technology in new ways that help children manage their experience at the hospital.

Manufacturing biosignal sensors and biofeedback devices
Fostering innovation in the use of medical sensing technology

Dr. Theresa Newlove

PhD, RPsych


Longtime psychology department head and executive, Theresa is a passionate expert in helping children and caregivers, and is recognized for her great ability as a leader, innovator and cultivator of partnerships.

Laurel Douglas



Seasoned executive and board member named one of BC's most influential women in business (2017) and finance (2019), Laurel is a recognized expert on leadership, entrepreneurship and business development.

Dr. Chris Petersen

PhD, MSc


With decades of experience leading technology development and commercialization in biomedical engineering, Chris is a passionate inventor and entrepreneur who has commercialized his research multiple times.

  • BellyBreather devices in use at 23 clinics across BC Children's Hospital
  • Thousands download the BellyBreather App to cope with COVID-19 vaccinations
  • AI-driven data logger introduced to support data collection in research projects

  • BC CDC recommends the Respiire BellyBreather App for childhood COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Respiire finishes as a top three finalist in the Fraser Health Innovation Academy

  • BC Children's Hospital Foundation funds deployment of BellyBreathers across the hospital

  • Respiire Health Systems is founded
  • The BellyBreather is featured in Global News and SHINE Magazine

  • A feasibility trial and two RCT studies, n>200, evaluate the effectiveness of the BellyBreather in clinical settings.

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